the Gessami Residence

Lots of fun and laughter with the happy ending everyone is entitled to...

The Gessami Residence is a story of mature women still trying to live life to the max. It’s about enjoying life, having fun with friends and finding love.

About Jane

When my two sons arrived in 1997 & 1999, writing became a part of my everyday routine.

My eldest son was afraid of the dark, he wanted me to wait until he fell asleep, so I decided to sit and write for fifteen minutes each night as drifted off to sleep.

I had always loved the idea of writing a story, but it was something that I never seemed to have the time to do. His fear was only brief, but I found that my passion for writing had become an important part of my day.

Over the years I have continued to write as a hobby., but it took me until 2014 to submit a full manuscript for publication.

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011, I was given back some dedicated time to write during the treatments. Writing became such a positive part of my day. It gave me immeasurable focus and re-ignited the passion more ferociously.

I live on a farm in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, it is a wonderful part of the world and the most perfect place to write.

I believe if you have a dream that occupies your mind, then you should pursue it.

Life is too short to wonder ‘what if!’

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This is one of those books which draws you in, and makes you want to read one more chapter because you want to see where it goes.... it had laugh out loud moments as well as pull my heartstrings...

This was a great summer read.... 4 ladies (my own age) off on holiday together to the unlikely setting of Ibiza, I found myself thinking of which friends I would do this with...

More About The Book

Jenny has endured three fairly miserable years following the sudden death of her husband – the only thing keeping her sane are her three best friends Amanda, Beth and Rose.

After deciding that what they really need is a girl’s trip away, they escape their uneventful lives on a holiday.

Rose organises the trip and keeps the details secret until they meet at the airport, but she shocks them with her destination choice – Ibiza.

After the first night of heavy drinking, Jenny is mortified when she falls ungracefully into the sand and is confronted with Ethan, a handsome stranger, who helps her back to her room.

As the holiday continues, she keeps crossing paths with Ethan, but where, if anywhere, will it lead?

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