I'm Jane

I’m an author and a busy mum to two boys. My writing journey began with my first novel “A Different Reflection,” I’ve just finished my third book.

Jane's Books

Loved this book! And I mean that sincerely. It's one of those books that you want to take to the beach and read all day long

A Different Reflection is a modern day fairytale that captures the lives of regular people alongside romance and fantasy.

Lots of fun and laughter with the happy ending everyone is entitled to...

The Gessami Residence is a story of mature women still trying to live life to the max. It’s about enjoying life, having fun with friends and finding love.



When my two sons arrived, writing became part of my everyday routine.

My eldest was afraid of the dark, he wanted me to wait until he fell asleep, so I’d sit and write each night as drifted off to sleep.

I’d always wanted to write a story, but it was something I never seemed to have time to do.

Over the years I’ve continued to write., but it took me until 2014 to submit a full manuscript for publication.

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011, I was given time to write during the treatments. Writing became such a positive part of my day, it gave me focus and re-ignited the passion more ferociously.

I believe if you have a dream that occupies your mind, then you should pursue it. Life is too short to wonder ‘what if!’

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