5 SEO Tips For Authors

[This is part 1 of our SEO for author websites articles. This article covers the starting points, the basic, yet critical SEO elements you need to know and get right – and how to do it. The next part will cover the content of your website, choosing keywords, why they are important, advanced keyword research, […]

How To Create An Author Website With WordPress

WordPress author websites

I’m sure you’ll have seen lots of author websites made with WordPress, but before you start building your WordPress author site let’s investigate whether WordPress is the right choice (to save you time, in our opinion, it is the best author website builder, but we want to justify why). We’re going to cover what you […]

Do Authors Need A Website?

Do authors need a website? Yes! Authors really do need their own website. Whether you’re self-publishers, published authors, aspiring to be an author or anything in between, you most definitely do need a website, for the reasons listed below: It allows you to create a brand You control the look, feel, genre, and vibe of […]